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What to Do With Your Home When You Move

When you move away from your current home, you have a lot of choices to make about your future. One of the biggest choices is what you want to do with your home since you are moving. Some people choose to sell their home when they move whil...

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Worker inspecting a site

Important Home Inspections You Might Be Missing

There is always a lot of excitement going around when you are getting close to closing on a home. Whether you are the home buyer imagining your new life in your new home, or a real estate agent looking forward to another job well done, clos...

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Home Improvement Projects You Can Handle on Your Own

Home improvement projects generally fall into one of two categories: those you should leave to the professionals, and those you can handle on your own. Which category any given project falls into depends somewhat on you. If you have the kno...

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Money Saving Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching. For many, this time of the year means all kinds of extra stress. Family gatherings, vacations, and outings are all stressful parts of the season. Above all, gift giving seems to cause the most anxiety, ...

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Home Projects to Do Before Fall

Summer is the best time to complete projects that you have been putting off all year. The weather is nice, and you might not have to drive kids to school or practice as often. Summer is halfway over – it’s time to consider your top prio...

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A large wild fire smoke

Protecting Yourself from Wildfire Smoke

Wildfire season is unfortunately here. Lightning, unattended campfires, and reckless actions result in hundreds of forest fires every year. Just like there are many things you can do to prevent forest fires, there are things you can do to p...

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Tips for Senior Home Buyers

Buying a home as a senior can be challenging. If you are buying your last home, it can come with a lot of tough decisions. Is this home where you want to spend the rest of your life? Which house will best accommodate potential physical challeng...

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Cheerful young Asian couple unloading truck with their belongings when moving in new house

Tips for Moving Out of Town

Moving is a stressful experience. Whether you’re renting, or buying and selling, everything has to fall into place perfectly to make a successful move. You need to have a new place lined up by the time you have to move out of your old one, an...

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Summer Cleaning To-Dos

It’s summertime! The kids are out of school, and everyone is spending more time outside. That means either your home is dirty, or it’s going to be. The heat, humidity, and free range children can cause a whole host of messes that can be har...

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