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Exclusive Video Interview Series Get both the data and the feet on the street insight into today’s housing market with local experts. Watch the Full Video Interview Here:

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Homeowners Embrace Quiet Luxury Trend

If there ever was a trend in clothing or accessories that felt like a natural transition into home design, it is quiet luxury, or a homeowner’s decision to focus on minimalist, high quality and timeless looks inside and outside of their hous...

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Home Prep with Buyer Appeal

The decision to sell one’s home is often fraught with emotion—but it’s the next decision that usually packs the biggest wallop. Refresh and repair? Remodel? Renovate? What needs to be done and how much does it cost to prep a home for sal...

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A man on the balcony with plants

US News: What is a Condo and Should I Buy One?

If you're thinking of buying a new home, you may be considering a condominium, or condo. You may have heard that it's basically a house – but without all of the homeowner maintenance headaches. What's not to love? Click here for more.

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Gordy Marks for the Money Hour

The Money Hour with Tina Mitchell: Buyer Fatigue

Born into a family of Real Estate agents has its perks. It is unlikely you will find another Broker with more real estate experience than Gordy has. Gordy has been living and breathing Real Estate since day 1, and wouldn’t have it any oth...

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