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Important Home Inspections You Might Be Missing

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There is always a lot of excitement going around when you are getting close to closing on a home. Whether you are the home buyer imagining your new life in your new home, or a real estate agent looking forward to another job well done, closing on a home is a big deal. But one thing that you cannot overlook during all of this excitement is the importance of home inspections. There are multiple types of inspections all designed to make sure the home is up to snuff. Here are three important home inspections you might be missing.

A Mold Inspection

Something many potential home buyers and even some real estate agents don’t realize is that a regular home inspection will not find mold if there are mold issues in your home. This means that it is always worth your time and money to have a mold inspection done on your home, just to be extra sure that everything is safe and healthy in your home. Where there is mold, there is moisture, and where there is moisture, there is moisture damage. But more than that, mold can be very unhealthy, causing allergies to the members of your household, and in extreme cases, even death. Get a mold inspection done before closing on the house.

A Garage Door Inspection

Now we move on to a type of inspection that you probably have never heard of before – a garage door inspection. While you may view the garage door as a relatively low priority item when thinking about your home, the garage door should be inspected before purchasing. A poorly maintained or installed garage door can be quite dangerous for you and your family. Garage doors cause about 30,000 injuries every year in the United States. Don’t become a statistic and make sure you inspect that garage door.

An Electrical Systems Inspection

The final type of home inspection that you might be missing is an electrical systems inspection. The electrical system of your home is important for most of the functions a house is expected to provide. While a standard home inspection will check superficial electrical issues, like examining outlets and switches, the fuses, etc. it will not involve checking any of the wiring behind the walls. An electrical inspection undertaken by a professional electrician is the only way to know that your house is wired properly and safely.

When closing a home, you can tend to get excited and want the process to move by faster. But there are important steps before closing on your home that you don’t want rushed, like your home inspections. Make sure you are doing more than the standard home inspection and are having these additional inspections done to ensure your home is perfect before buying.

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