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Home Improvement Projects You Can Handle on Your Own

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Home improvement projects generally fall into one of two categories: those you should leave to the professionals, and those you can handle on your own. Which category any given project falls into depends somewhat on you. If you have the knowledge, skills, and tools to complete a project, there’s a good chance you can tackle it on your own. But what if you don’t have much experience with home improvement projects? There are still some you can probably handle yourself.

Bathroom Caulking

Bathrooms can get pretty damp. As you might imagine, all that water has the potential to spell trouble. The caulking in your bathroom is what helps protect it from becoming damaged by water. Over time, the caulking itself may become damaged and need to be redone. This project is easy enough to do yourself. When caulking your bathroom, make sure you use a caulk that says it can be used in the bathroom on the label. The caulk you use matters. You don’t want to use something that isn’t waterproof and will allow bacteria and mold to take hold.


Painting your home can make it feel new and give it a fresh look. It can be a pretty big project, but it’s still something you can do yourself if you have the time for it. Painting the interior of your home will probably be easier to do yourself than painting the exterior, but it is possible to do both on your own if you want to. To avoid overwhelming yourself with your project, take it one room at a time. That will help you feel like you’ve made measurable progress and will make it easier to stay organized throughout the project.

Redoing the Flooring

Okay, so whether or not you should tackle this one on your own depends a little on what sort of flooring you’re handling. Some types of flooring will need some more specialized equipment to install (think a carpet stretcher for putting regular carpet in). Still, other types of flooring are easy to install by yourself. You could easily install rubber flooring for a home gym. Installing carpet squares is pretty easy too. Want the look of hardwood? Engineered wood and vinyl planks can be snapped together and give you the look of hardwood without the expense or difficult installation.

Making improvements to your home can be a challenge, especially if you choose to tackle projects yourself that are a bit beyond your current abilities. Still, things like bathroom caulking, painting, and redoing flooring are projects you can most likely handle on your own if you want to. From there, it’s just a matter of making sure you have the time and money to put towards your chosen improvement.

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