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Tips for Moving Out of Town

Moving is a stressful experience. Whether you’re renting, or buying and selling, everything has to fall into place perfectly to make a successful move. You need to have a new place lined up by the time you have to move out of your old one, and funds might need to be readily available for closing or deposit. Also, taking time off of work and finding friends to help carry boxes can make moving feel like a circus.

All of these stressors are doubled if you’re hoping to move out of town. Distance might make the heart grow fonder, but it sure doesn’t make for smooth transitions. If you’re planning a move across city, county, or state lines, here are a few things you can do to make the process easy.

Do Your Research Before the Move

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You can ease up on some of your moving stress before you find your next home base by scoping out the area. If possible, spend some time driving around your target area, or if it’s further away, spend a few days getting familiar with traffic, local restaurants, and desired neighborhoods.

In addition to putting your boots on the ground, make sure you do your research. How long would it take you to get from point A to point B during rush hour? Which gas stations are usually cheapest? Are there any unique laws or ordinances that you should know about? Even preliminary knowledge about your new town or neighborhood can make your move feel less like a leap into the unknown.

Find an Agent
After you have selected your target area and become a little more familiar with it, find a local agent! The best way to do this is to talk to a real estate agent in your current area that you trust, and ask them if they can refer you to someone in your target area. Great realtors often have great connections!

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A real estate agent in your target area can do a lot of the heavy lifting to prepare you for your move. They are your eyes and ears – they can show you listings remotely, and they know the market in that area. A local agent will know whether a home is priced right, and how competitive the market is. This means that you won’t be writing offers blind, and you are more likely to get your offer accepted. Outside of the transaction, a local agent can help you get acclimated to your new home. They can help with changing your address, giving restaurant and local contact recommendations, and can even put you in contact with trusted, local vendors. You won’t have to worry about digging through the muck to find a good house cleaner!

Even if you are planning on renting, a real estate agent can help you find the perfect home, and teach you a thing or two about the area along the way. Real estate agents don’t often work with renters, but if you can find one who does, you’ll have a great advantage over looking on your own.

Plan it Out

Make sure to plan your move ahead as much as you can. A move across the state or country will take more than just an afternoon and a group of friends. Once you have your move in date, give yourself plenty of time to pack, make the trip, and get settled in. Booking the moving service is a great first step, as it will give you a deadline to finish packing. After making moving arrangements, changing your address should be top priority.

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It’s a good practice to give yourself a few days to a week before and after your move in date. That means no appointments, work, or meeting with family and friends (unless they are helping you pack). If you give yourself some extra time, you can ensure that everything is packed correctly and moved on time. You can also unpack and account for everything without undue stress on you and your family.

Whether you’re moving 20 miles or 2,000 miles, make sure you have a support system to back you up. If you’re planning on moving to the greater Seattle area, then you’re in luck! Gordy Marks Real Estate has been an expert on the Seattle market for over 30 years, and has loved living in the area for just as long. If you’re looking for a local agent, we’re your people. Send us a message!

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