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Love Gardening? Stop Using Roundup

Gardening is such a lovely pastime, especially in a fertile environment like the one we have here in the Pacific Northwest. Some people can spend hours in their garden planting, weeding, watering, etc. Whether you like to plant flowers or produ...

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Top 4 Summer Seattle Hikes

Our curated list of the best hikes for your Seattle summer. The Pacific Northwest is well known for its salmon-filled lakes, towering evergreens and snow-packed mountains, so as the sun finally comes out and the rain comes to a halt for su...

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4 Summer Issues Seattle Homeowners Have to Deal With

Looking forward to the summer is far easier when you're getting a break from school or when you have minimal responsibilities. Seattle homeowners live in a unique climate, which gives them quite a few advantages as well as quite a few issues. T...

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Day Trips from Seattle

Seattle is truly one of a kind because it’s surrounded by so many exciting things to do in addition to having endless opportunities within the city itself. The traffic and the noise can get a bit old sometimes, so why not take advantage of th...

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More Ways to Keep Your Home Environmentally Friendly

With the state that the Earth is currently in, there is a lot we can do for the environment to avoid further detrimental climate change. Being environmentally friendly requires a holistic approach that touches on energy, water, consumption and ...

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Living in Kirkland

Just east of Seattle, Kirkland’s abundance of charming shops and outdoor space offers residents a little room to breath from the cosmopolitan craziness that is Seattle. Kirkland boasts a number of local parks to take in the sunshine, various ...

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3 Home Features That Will Impress Potential Buyers

Most people who plan to sell their house understand how important it is for their property to be in its best possible condition. Your home will be more attractive to buyers if any damage is fixed and the house is pleasing to the eye. There are ...

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