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Summer Cleaning To-Dos

It’s summertime! The kids are out of school, and everyone is spending more time outside. That means either your home is dirty, or it’s going to be. The heat, humidity, and free range children can cause a whole host of messes that can be har...

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The Best Picnic Spots in Seattle

Summer is coming. It’s starting to get warmer, and you might be feeling a little stir crazy. Are you looking for a socially distanced activity to get you out of the house? A picnic is a cheap and easy option. Twenty dollars at the grocery sto...

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Connecting With An Agent Before Selling

Connecting with a real estate agent might be one of the last to-dos on your “selling your house checklist".  Who needs an agent until you are ready to market your home, right? What you may not know is that there are many benefits to working ...

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Preparing Your Home For Photography

Preparing your home for photography, showings, and open houses is a lot like preparing your home for the red carpet. Your home needs to look it’s best in order to get the most attention and hopefully the best price. There is a long list of th...

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Three Reasons Why You Should Hire a Buyer’s Agent

When you begin looking at a house, you probably don’t start out with a buyer’s agent. Usually buyers will check out Zillow and Redfin listings on their own, and only sign on with an agent when they decide to write an offer (if they decide t...

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Farmers Markets In Seattle

Farmers markets are a long lasting tradition for areas with an abundance of agriculture and natural resources. If you grew up in one of these areas, you might remember going to the weekend market with your parents when you were a kid. I reme...

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Do You Have Neighbor Problems?

Imagine... It’s a quiet night in suburbia. Everyone in the house has been in bed for hours. A night light throwing soft green light down the hallway is the only sign that your home is inhabited. A lone streetlight is a faint reminder of ...

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Responsibilities New Homeowners Have to Get Used To

You’ve worked and saved for a while now, and your efforts have finally been rewarded. Congratulations, you’re officially a homeowner! Finally getting to own your own home can be an amazing feeling. That said, owning a home is different from...

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