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Great Seattle Dog Parks

Staying inside for most of the last year has been hard for everyone, including your dog. While your puppy is overjoyed that they get to spend all of their time with you, they might miss all of those trips to the beach and hikes with your friends. It’s a great start to take your dog on long walks, but why not check out a few great dog parks in the area? Dogs need a social life too! We have put together a great list of some of the best Seattle dog parks. Share with us some of your favorites!

The Lower Woodland Off-leash Dog Park is a shaded, gravel off-leash playground for your dog near Greenlake and the Woodland Park Zoo. The park is fenced, so you can sit back and relax. Let them loose after a walk around the lake, or after driving by the zoo to see the animals. This park also includes a “small and shy” dog area for the little guys that just want some peace and quiet.

The Warren G Magnuson Off-Leash area claims to be the largest off-leash dog park in Seattle (at 8.6 acres), and the only one in city limits with waterfront access. The park is fully fenced containing a variety of scenery and terrain. Your dog can play fetch on the large, flat play area, go swimming in the lake, or you can take a hike together through the winding trail. Magnusson dog park also includes a “small and shy” dog area. There is so much space and so many things to do that you and your pup will never get bored.

Marymoor Park boasts a whopping 40-acre park with a huge off-leash area alongside the Sammamish slough. This park includes lots of winding trails through wooded areas, which open up into wood chip-filled clearings: perfect for taking a break to chase your tail. The park also features steps that stretch down into the water of the slough, so your dog can easily take a break to cool off. Make sure that your buddy knows his recall command – Marymoor off-leash area is not fenced. This park is popular, and right next to downtown Redmond, so it is the perfect social outing for your dog.

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Willis Tucker Park is a large off-leash dog park in Snohomish with three separate fenced areas. It has a six-acre meadow area, a 1.25-acre wooded trail, and a .2 acre “small and shy” dog area. The meadow terrain is wide and even, giving your high energy dog lots of space to run. The larger area also included some agility training equipment if you’d like to try some obedience training. Willis Tucker park can get muddy in the wetter months (no surprise there, everywhere does), so after your pup has finished digging holes and splashing in mud puddles, you can rinse them off with the hose and water pump.

Edith Moulton Park in North Kirkland has a smaller off-leash area inside of a 26-acre park. The park is generally wooded with lots of trails and streams to explore. The off-leash area is recently established, with brand new waste bins and drinking fountains. The off-leash area features a dog-friendly version of the larger park – fenced in trails that wind in and out of each other. This park is perfect for the curious or energetic dog. There is so much more to explore than just a flat, open area.

A trip to your local dog park is a great way to take a break from your home with your best friend. But the trip can only be successful if you both stay safe. Wear a mask, stay 6 feet apart, and make sure your dog is on its best behavior. Don’t forget to have fun and check out everything that these Seattle dog parks have to offer. If you want a little more adventure check out our list of best hikes!

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