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The Best Picnic Spots in Seattle

Summer is coming. It’s starting to get warmer, and you might be feeling a little stir crazy. Are you looking for a socially distanced activity to get you out of the house? A picnic is a cheap and easy option. Twenty dollars at the grocery store, a blanket, and a couple friends is all you need! Well, you still need a sunny spot to sit. Here are a few great picnic spots in the Seattle area.

Seattle Marymoor park, foggy autumn morning, framing tree branches

Marymoor Park – Redmond

If you’re willing to take a trip deep into Redmond, you’ll find Marymoor Park. Marymoor is a one stop shop for summer activities. There are sports fields, a huge off leash dog park, and drive in movies. The park is huge, so you can find your own space to relax. Whether you want to sit in the sun, or in your car in front of a movie screen, you’ll find the perfect spot for your picnic at Marymoor.

Green Lake Seattle Washington Golden Sun Rays Aerial View

Green Lake – Green Lake, Seattle

Green Lake is situated in between Ballard and the U-District. It’s a tiny little oasis from all the city madness. There are local restaurants for takeout lunch, and a biking trail all the way around the lake. The lakeside park features rolling hills, lots of trees for shade, and plenty of sunny open spaces. Green lake is the perfect spot to sit, eat, and watch the walkers and roller skaters go by.

The view of downtown Seattle, across Lake Union from Gasworks Park at sunrise. Washington State. USA.

Gas works – North Lake, Seattle

Gasworks might be the most popular park in Seattle. It’s the hot spot for firework watching, outdoor concerts, and field trips. Gasworks sits at the very North end of Lake Union. It has gorgeous views of the Seattle City Skyline, the Queen Anne Bridge, and all the boats coming in from the sound. Pick a spot at the top of the hill in the sun, or in the shade of the old gasification plant.

A view of beautiful nature

UW Botanical Gardens – Arboretum, Seattle

The University of Washington Botanical Gardens is an expansive space full of ponds and gorgeous greenery. It sits between 124th Ave and the 520 bridge, among the residential neighborhoods on Seattle’s East Side. The Gardens feature tons of walking trails, park benches, and a Japanese garden that is open from March to November. If you’re looking for a peaceful spot to have lunch and watch the honeybees, the Botanical Gardens are a must see.

People playing volleyball in a beach

Golden Gardens – Ballard, Seattle

Golden Gardens park lines the shore in Ballard, and is often packed with families and beach volleyball players. It’s the perfect spot for to sit on a driftwood log in the sun, or hang in a hammock in the trees that line the beach. From your spot you can watch windsailers, paddleboarders, and sailboats coming in from the marina nearby. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see a train go by on the tracks to the East. Golden Gardens is the perfect getaway from the bustle of Seattle, while still showcasing the social and active lifestyle of its residents.

Beach with tree trunks

Richmond Beach Saltwater Park – Shoreline

Richmond Beach Saltwater Park is a long stretch of beach-front property just off of highway 99. There is plenty to do: picnic tables, a playground, and over 3500 feet of beach to explore. Walking trails will take you from the parking lot through the brush and grasslands, and out onto the beach. The best place to sit is on a large piece of driftwood in full view of Kingston and Indianola across the water. If you bring your four-legged picnic buddy, they can enjoy an off leash dog park as well. There’s nothing like the zoomies to build up your picnic appetite.

Beach along train tracks

Carkeek Park – Bitter Lake, Seattle

Carkeek Park is just two steps South of Richmond Beach, nestled between Seattle’s Broadview and Blue Ridge neighborhoods. It has a long stretch of beach for water-side picnics, as well as 220 acres of protected forest cut through with hiking trails. Check out the picnic area, the salmon themed playground, or admire the natural beauty as you search out the perfect spot on the beach.

Seattle Tower

Kerry Park

Kerry Park isn’t large – there’s only enough space for a couple of picnic benches and some modern art. The biggest thing about it is the view. From where Kerry Park is perched atop Queen Anne, you can see the entire Seattle skyline. This makes it a great spot for a brunch picnic, or an evening one as the city lights up around you. The Space needle is a beautiful centerpiece, especially with Mount Rainier as the backdrop. If the mountain is out, it’s time to pack a lunch, head to Kerry Park, and appreciate it while it lasts.

We at Gordy Marks Real Estate hope your summer is filled with adventures and discoveries of the beautiful area we live in. As residents and professionals in the Greater Seattle Area, we don’t just know it like the back of our hand, we love it too. We hope you enjoy these picnic spots as much as we do. And if all the for-sale signs on your way get you thinking about buying or selling, let us know!

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