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First Time Home Buyer: Client Story

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Working with first time home buyers is always a fun, exciting process for us. The nervous energy and excitement our new clients have towards finding their first home is contagious!

That being said, being a first time home buyer in the extremely competitive Seattle-Area has been difficult this past year. The lack of inventory and rising prices have made it difficult for new buyers to enter the market. This spring alone we experienced multiple 10+ offer wars, some successful, some not. Although the past year has been difficult for buyers, we recently found the perfect first home for a wonderful couple and their young family!

Currently, the market is beginning to cool– which made it the perfect time for our clients to begin their search a home. The couple was, as with most all new home buyers, quite nervous entering the process. We were able to smoothly guide them through the ups and downs of home buying without issue. They recently left us a very kind review summarizing their experience:

“When we first started looking at homes it was a bit overwhelming. Gordy and Todd were a dream come true and helped calm all our nerves!! We are so thankful for y’all! They are the PERFECT team and we could not of picked better realtors to represent us and help us find a home. They are incredibly hard working and always there anytime you need anything! They encouraged us through out the whole entire process from start to finish. We have 3 children who would come along to look at houses, Gordy and Todd always had patience with us. I am so appreciative for this! They made the process of buying a home very smooth and helped ease any stresses we felt. Thanks for being so great!!!”

First time home buying doesn’t have to be stressful! With the right agent and plan of attack, it should be an enjoyable and exciting process. We recommend first finding a reputable agent in your area to help you begin the process. Working with a quality, an experienced agent will be the key to your success! Your agent should be able to recommend you a good mortgage lender to help you get pre-approved. Pre-approval will help you understand what you can afford. Once you are aware of the price range, the search can commence. Choosing the right area and neighborhood is crucial. Many factors play into area choice, including distance from work, quality of schools, proximity to recreation, type of city/town, etc. etc. Your realtor should ideally be able to provide you with information about the possible areas/neighborhoods you are choosing from. Making your first offer on a house will be a process that your agent will guide you through. Having that letter of Pre-Approval is key to building you a strong offer! From there, it all depends on the competition and how strong your offer is in comparison to the others. If you lose out on the first house– don’t fret. There is a better house (or at least close!) out there for you.

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Home buying can absolutely be a breeze with the right amount of patience, planning, and communication.

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