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3 Home Features That Will Impress Potential Buyers

Most people who plan to sell their house understand how important it is for their property to be in its best possible condition. Your home will be more attractive to buyers if any damage is fixed and the house is pleasing to the eye. There are also certain features that provide a strong draw for potential homebuyers.

Swimming Pools

Many potential homeowners fantasize about having a backyard swimming pool that they can enjoy with family members when the weather heats up. Homes that come already equipped with a swimming pool will likely be more appealing to these potential buyers than a home without a pool when other features are comparable.

A major selling point to potential homebuyers regarding a pool is the increased value of the property. You can also talk to potential buyers about the excellent exercise opportunities that the pool provides for the entire family.

Home Theater

A dedicated home theater room is another feature that many people dream of coming home to at the end of a long day. A theater room is an entire room designed for watching favorite movies, television shows and sporting events with friends and family.

A home theater has a lot of features that will impress a potential buyer, especially if they have been looking for a home with one for a while. These spaces are usually equipped with large, flat screen projectors or televisions, mood lighting and theater-style seats. If you have added a home theater system to the home you’re trying to sell, be sure to give the potential homebuyer a full demonstration of its capabilities.

Open Floor Plan

Selecting the correct wall to knock out can give your home the open floor plan that many homebuyers crave. One national survey showed homeowners prefer open or partially open designs around the kitchen, dining room and living room of a home.

Open floor plans allow more light into the space and give the appearance that it’s larger than it is. However, it is a good idea to speak with an interior designer or general contractor before making your final decision about how to best open up a floor plan. If you do choose to go with an open floor plan, make sure you plan in plenty of storage in other areas of your home.

It is extremely important to make the best presentation possible when you’re attempting to sell your home. Many times, that means taking care of minor cosmetic work, like adding a coat of paint or paying extra attention to the lawn to increase curb appeal, but the three ideas listed above are sure to wow potential buyers.

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