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5 Luxurious Home Upgrades to Enhance Your Living Experience

Home with a pool front

You love your home, but there are times when you realize that a few upgrades could really liven up your living space (and also, your property value, if you’re ever looking to sell someday). If you have competitive or unpleasant neighbors next to you, you can conquer both of these challenges by building one of these luxurious home upgrades. You might be worried because you imagine a bathroom upgrade could be expensive and, as Rules of Renovation Reviews points out, renovations can quickly spiral out of control, costing you way more than you plan on budgeting for.

Pool and Spa

When the summer sun beats down on your neighborhood, your home will be the envy of the entire block when they spot you and your family swimming happily in a luxury swimming pool. A swimming pool in your backyard is a perfect compliment to other summertime activities such as cookouts, stargazing, outdoor parties, and birthday celebrations.

Whether it’s a chilly evening or a leisurely weekend, there’s nothing better than relaxing in a hot tub after a long day. Perfect for being enjoyed solo or as a family, hot tubs provide a multitude of health benefits. Reduced blood pressure, therapeutic massage, mood elevation, and relief of minor aches and pains are all benefits to be enjoyed from owning a hot tub. Of course, there are a number of financial factors to consider when buying a hot tub, so there are plenty of opportunities for more and more people to have hot tubs these days. Just make sure your lender is registered, reports to major credit bureaus, etc.

Outdoor Projection Screen

Now that you have a luxurious outdoor pool and spa, take your backyard one step further by adding an outdoor projector screen. These projection screens are safe for outdoor use but provide all the benefits of a home theater experience. With an outdoor projector screen, you can soak in the hot tub while enjoying a movie with friends or host outdoor viewing parties on your patio during the summer.

A Home Bar

If you enjoy the banter of close friends while you take in a few spirits to destress after a taxing day, building a bar in your home is a good idea. Pick out an attractive traditional wooden bar or a modern metallic one with a chic design. A few comfortable stools and lounging drinking chairs will add a cozy atmosphere. Purchase your favorite spirits, a set of drinking glasses, cocktail mixes, and let the fun times begin as soon as five o’clock rolls around.

Wine Cellar

Wine isn’t just a garnishment to a nice dinner for some people. For wine aficionados, wine is just more than an occasional drink. It’s something that should be proudly displayed and carefully stored. A wine cellar is a perfect luxurious home upgrade to keep your wine collection at a safe temperature and away from harmful sunlight. Plus, it’s always rather impressive to gift your friends with a personal bottle of wine kept right in your home.

Outdoor Kitchen

When you’re tired of hauling out your propane grill, you can try creating a working kitchen in your backyard. Complete with a stove, a fridge, cabinets, and a sink, you can cook a full meal while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful surroundings of the great outdoors. Backyard kitchens aren’t common, and thus are not only luxurious, but unique. Your backyard parties could be the talk of the neighborhood for some time.

Should you decide to make these home upgrades do-it-yourself projects instead of hiring a professional contractor, remember to heed the proper safety tips to prevent any serious or long-term injuries.

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