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What Are Some Things Homeowners Should Remember When Decorating for Halloween?

As Halloween quickly approaches many homeowners across the country and starting to think about what kind of decorations, they are going to display this year. While some owners prefer to go the DIY route, others tend to gravitate towards a more assembly direction. Nevertheless, we all have to keep in mind a few precautions when displaying our decorations. The following list entails things you should remember decorating your house for Halloween this year.

Keep Things in Good Repair

Decorating your home for Halloween is no doubt meant to catch some eyeballs, but those eyeballs (especially from kids) are no doubt going to be approaching your home very soon. This is why it’s so important to maintain your decorations in good repair. In addition, homeowners must also take into consideration the rest of their front yard. Being proactive can really keep the fun going and prevent any visitors from being injured on your property.

Some Light is a Very Good Thing

Although the point of decorating your home is to make it as spooky as possible, it should take into consideration the amount of foot traffic. Having almost no lights to light up the pathway towards your door can be very dangerous to children. Falls have been identified by the World Health Organization to be the second-leading cause of accidental deaths. Adding strategically placed lights such as flashing lights or pathway lanterns can accomplish the goal of safety without having to lose the ambiance of Halloween.

Lower the Chances of Fire

Fire plays a significant role in our Halloween decorations. We see this in old school oil lanterns being placed on porches, the traditional jack-o-lantern. According to FEMA, over 10,000 instances of Halloween related fires were reported on Halloween night 2014 through 2016. A great way to minimize fire hazards this year is to opt-in for LED operated lanterns. LED’s are a great alternative as they cost very little to operate and will not overheat after long durations of use. It is also wise to avoid displaying any fire-prone decorations such as scarecrows and crepe paper.

Halloween has been for many years a time of joy, curiosity and overall togetherness amongst neighbors. This is why we, as homeowners, have a huge responsibility to make sure that not only are children safe when approaching our home but that we take care of our own well-being as well.

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