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Selling a Luxury Home

Unbeatable expertise in marketing high end PNW properties

So you’ve enjoyed years in your luxury home, and now you’re thinking of selling. As a more exclusive market, we understand that selling a luxury home can be a bit of a challenge. That’s what makes The Gordy Marks Real Estate Team the premier choice for luxury home sellers. We have unparalleled expertise in all facets of luxury home listings.

You may be nervous about selling your luxury home because you know it’s a tighter market. There are typically less homes available, and less buyers in the market for a home at your price point. Speaking of price, luxury homes are typically larger and take more work to maintain. What if you aren’t willing to spend all of that money to get your home ready to go on the market?

When you entrust Gordy Marks Real Estate with the sale of your luxury home, you can put those worries aside. With our deep knowledge of the luxury home market, we understand that a typical marketing strategy may not fit your needs. For our luxury listings, we use a specialty marketing strategy, tailored to your unique home. We advertise your home to more than just the local market, taking special care to put your listing in front of qualified buyers. When listing a luxury home, we recognize that pre-listing improvements can be daunting. We use our extensive experience with listing luxury homes to create a specialized listing plan for you. We know exactly which projects you should focus on to attract the most qualified buyers, and get top dollar for your incredible home.

Selling a luxury home does not have to come with luxury-level stress and expense. When you choose Gordy Marks Real Estate to help you list your home, you’re choosing next level experience and expertise. Your home is a cut above the rest, and your listing plan and marketing strategy should be too.

Are you ready to talk about how we can help you sell your luxury home in the Seattle area?

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