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Is Staging Your Home Worth it?

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Is staging a home before listing really as important as everyone makes it seem? You might browse the homes currently for sale and feel like you’re looking through a home decor magazine. All the pristine interiors of the homes currently on the market might seem unattainable, unrealistic, or simply like too much work. It’s not hard to wonder: “is all that work (and money) going to make my home sell any faster, or at a higher price?”

It turns out, time and money spent on staging can really pay off. Although it might seem like just one more appointment to add to your already lengthy list, staging your home can pay dividends in the final selling price. If that’s not convincing enough, it can also drastically cut the amount of time your home spends on the market.

There are several ways to stage your home to draw in potential buyers, and not all of them will break the bank. If you want to learn more about this worthwhile investment on your listing, click here to check out our staging information handout!

And, as always, if you have questions or are curious about what we can do for you, send us a message here.

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