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How to Make Your Home the Ultimate Spot for Parties

Do you like entertaining others at your home? Certain homes have features that make it a better spot to entertain others because these features allow for more people to mull about, mixing and mingling with another. If you’re the kind of person who likes inviting large groups of people over for parties in your home, here are some features you might want to consider adding to your home.

A Kitchen Bar

One of the features that works well for mingling is a kitchen bar. A kitchen bar is a countertop space that is higher than a regular countertop space with barstools (or seats) that bring a person to that higher level. A kitchen bar allows people to sit in the kitchen while you and others prepare the food. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it would make sense to have seating and space available for others to congregate as people often tend to congregate in the kitchen even if there isn’t space there. If you add space to the kitchen specifically for that purpose, you can easily entertain more people in the kitchen. Plus, a kitchen bar can offer a spot that can be used daily instead of just at parties.

A Large Dining Room

Another feature that helps make your home a perfect party zone is a large dining room. One of the downsides to many gatherings is that not everyone can eat in the dining room because there isn’t enough space. When you have a large dining room, you can have everyone sit at the dinner table so that no one feels left out. A large dining room also allows you to have a larger table than you otherwise would and even a china cabinet for fancy occasions. You can decorate a large dining room to your own tastes and have it be one of the most pleasant rooms in your home where people enjoy gathering for parties.

An Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan is a plan that doesn’t have many walls between the kitchen, dining room and living room. The space is airy and open, allowing the perfect opportunity for people to mingle with each other. An open floor plan is an attractive option for parties because of the large amount of space. You can add more windows to keep the space light and even have a continual theme running through the rooms. It can be an expensive option however as it will require major renovations to install an open floor plan, but if you decide to remodel for an open floor plan, it will be a much-appreciated space at parties.

Build a Deck

If you don’t want to invest in an open floor plan, you could invest in a deck in your backyard. A deck can be enclosed or open, but it should have plenty of space for chairs so you can sit and mingle with your guests. There are lots of other great benefits of a deck in your backyard. It can be a space where you stargaze in the evenings with a telescope, as well as the perfect place to put the BBQ grill. You can also add deck furniture to the deck to add your own personality.

An Inviting Entryway

Another thing you can add to your home that doesn’t cost as much is an inviting entryway. This could be as simple as clearing up the debris that gathers in front of your door. It could be that you have a shoe bench for guests to put their shoes. It might mean that you decorate your entryway with holiday decorations for the season. It could also be that you have cute welcome mats both inside and outside your front door. You could even paint your front door a brighter, more welcoming color to invite people to come in. Whatever you decide, the entryway gives a first impression of your home and you want to make sure that is a good first impression.

A Fire Pit

In the summertime, people like to spend time outside together. But it can get chilly when the sun starts to go down, which is why it might be a good idea to have a fire pit to gather around. Remember to exercise safety around the fire pit to avoid the fire pit becoming a hazard area in your home. While you will have to buy wood and matches to maintain a fire pit, it can be a simple addition that adds a lot of value to your parties. Instead of sitting inside as it grows darker, you can gather around the firepit and roast marshmallows with your guests.

Ample Lighting

Another thing that is simple to add to your home is ample lighting. You can add wider windows to your front room to encourage more light from the sun. If you don’t have the funds to buy bigger windows, you can buy mirrors instead and place them along the wall strategically to reflect the sunlight, which can brighten your home for daylight parties. They can even make a room look bigger. Another way to add lighting for evening parties is by using Christmas lights strung from your porch or kept in jars.

A Stocked Powder Room

Every home that’s equipped for parties should have a well stocked powder room where guests can freshen up if they need to. A powder room is simply a half bathroom that is stocked with supplies to freshen up, such as cotton balls, lotion, hand sanitizer, etc. This powder room can be a bathroom that’s only used when you have guests come to visit and is therefore devoid of your personal bathroom items. Your guests will appreciate coming to parties more if they have a room where they can just freshen up.

Parties are a wonderful experience, but the environment where the parties occur is what truly makes or breaks a party. If you want your house to be the ultimate party venue, perhaps it is time to consider some updates to make the parties truly spectacular.

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