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First Time Investor

First Time Investor

Ready to become a real estate investor? Get started with Gordy Marks Real Estate.

If you’re a first-time real estate investor looking to purchase a property in the Seattle area, we are here to help. The Gordy Marks Real Estate Team knows this market inside and out, and will make sure you get the most for your money.

We understand how intimidating buying a property can be as a first-time investor. Do you fully understand all of the financing options available to you? Is it better for you to go conventional or DSCR? Maybe you can use an FHA loan! You want to make this investment for your future self, but are anxious about the significant amount of capital it will take? You may be uncertain about the property’s ability to generate enough income to cover your costs. What about maintenance?

There are lots of factors to consider when looking at buying an investment property. Are you looking for cash flow, or appreciation? (Hint: Don’t choose both.) Are you wanting to make repairs yourself? Maybe you don’t know the answer yet – and that’s okay! As investors and flippers ourselves, we have years of knowledge and experience in this area.

We strive to make sure that all of our clients feel confident and informed throughout their entire real estate journey. From helping secure financing options through our network of lenders, to providing insightful information on appreciating areas, to informing our clients on other important factors they should consider when making an investment decision – we are with you every step of the way to reaching your investment goals!

Ready to start strategizing? Let’s talk.

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