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DIY Repairs That Are Most Likely to Get You Hurt

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Making repairs on your own is a great way to save money and develop new skills. However, there are instances when it’s best to hire a professional. Some DIY repairs can actually put you at risk of getting hurt, so avoid certain types of repairs such as the following.

Roof Repairs

Working on a roof means you’re at extreme heights on a sloped surface. With that information alone, the risks should be obvious. Falling off the roof is the biggest risk, but you can also twist your ankle, injure your back, or even fall through the roof if you step on a soft spot. Recent weather conditions can make your roof even more treacherous. Rain can make the surface more slick which increases the risk of falls. In addition to falling, you could even be injured by insects, such as wasps, who make a home on your roof. Even trained professionals can be injured while working on a roof. As someone who does not have training, you absolutely should not risk repairing your roof yourself.

Garage Door Repairs

While they may not seem dangerous, garage doors are actually a major hazard.  Garage doors cause as many as 30,000 injuries every year. These injuries could include getting fingers or other appendages caught in the door, being hit with a falling door, or being injured while making repairs. Garage doors are extremely heavy and difficult to work with. You put yourself at risk of being crushed or caught under these doors. Additionally, the springs and other mechanisms used to lift the doors can also be a hazard. You can get your fingers caught or crushed here as well. Even if a repair seems simple or straightforward, you should turn to a professional when it comes to garage doors.

Electrical Repairs

Almost anyone can handle something as simple as changing out a lightbulb. However, anything beyond that could put you at risk of injury. When working with electricity, you could risk very serious shocks or electrocution. In addition to this, improper electrical work can also lead to fires starting in your home. You need professional training to know how to do electrical work safely. It should not be attempted otherwise.

You need to make safety a priority when doing DIY repairs. Certain projects have a higher risk of injury and it’s best to leave them to the professionals. In the meantime, there are plenty of other projects and repairs you can do on your own.

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