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DIY Projects That Will Add Character To Your Home

Small Wooden Cabinet

Whether you’re updating your home to sell (it’s good to know how much it’s worth first, though) or just want to fresh your space, there are many projects you can do on your own to make your home feel new again.

Every home offers multiple spots for simple upgrades. Some common locations for these updates can be windows, doorways. You can re-do the way that you store, and rethink your lighting as well. With some simple changes to these places, your home can be totally transformed, adding a fresh new feel to it.


There are dozens among dozens of ways to transform storage, and this one is going to take a bit of research due to the amazing amount of results. We’re particularly big fans of these metal basket shelves and this handmade bed with plenty of storage space underneath. The project you want to undertake is going to depend on where you need storage and what kind of approach you want to take for it.

Wall Hangings

For an added feel of the rustic outdoors, create wall decorations out of baling wire. Choose a wire size that matches the project that you have in mind. You can either freestyle your designs or you can use a mold of some sort to help you keep the wire in the shape you want. If you don’t feel like you are able to make art you want, find some pre-made baling wire decorations to keep with your decorating theme.


If you haven’t already got some curtains going with your windows, now is the time to do so. In addition, go for a unique way to hand them – such as a forged nail curtain rod. These don’t exactly move, but depending on the type of home feel you’re going for they can be a cost-effective way to add a unique feature to your home.


We don’t often think about doors. They are there, and they take us from one room to the next, but that’s about it. Sometimes you might think you might need a new doorknob and such, but maybe it’s time to elevate that thinking to something bigger. An entirely new door, and a big one at that.

Sliding barn doors are fairly easy to install and add a rustic or industrial feel to your home as well as an interesting point of conversation. Be prepared to measure everything at least twice; for example, you’ll need a track that’s twice as wide as your opening, and you may have to use a split door that opens at the center. You’ll also want plenty of clearance at the top so you can lift your door over the sliding hardware to hang it properly. Every space will require careful review, but this is a great way to customize your home.


Numerous remote lighting tools can add a personal touch and make your life easier. One of the niftiest new tools around is a remote light bulb base that screws into an existing pull chain fixture. Once the base is in place, add a fluorescent bulb. Pull the chain to turn the light on, and you can now control this light with a small remote disc that you can mount to a wall. Better lighting tool, no wiring changes needed!

In addition, some of the control discs are magnetized and removable so you can take them with you as you cross the room. This is an ideal addition to basements, attics, or anywhere else you have a hard to access pull chain.

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