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Why You Shouldn’t Kill Spiders in Your Home

Why You Shouldn’t Kill Spiders in Your Home

What is your first instinct when you see a spider in your home? If you’re like many people, there’s a good chance that your first thought is to grab the closest shoe and squish it for invading your territory. While that might help you feel a little less creeped out in your own home, killing the spiders you find in your home may not actually be the best course of action.

Most Spiders Are Harmless

Would you be surprised to learn that most spiders are harmless to people? While the vast majority of spiders are indeed venomous to some degree, most of them don’t actually pose a danger to humans. There are really only two species of spiders in Washington state that could pose a danger to human health: the black widow and yellow sac spiders. Unless the spider in your home is one of these, odds are it’s not very dangerous.

They Perform Natural Pest Control

Spiders are far from the only pests that homeowners find themselves battling from time to time. The thing is, if you see a spider in your house, they might just be trying to lend you a hand. Spiders can help rid your home of pests. A lot of the other creepy crawly critters that you don’t want lurking around your house can be quite the meal for a spider. If you need natural pest control for insects, it doesn’t get more natural than a spider. In that sense, when you kill a spider, you’re getting rid of your own natural (and free) pest control.

What to Do Instead

Just because spiders are natural pest control doesn’t necessarily mean that you want them in your home. You don’t have to kill them to get rid of them though. Instead, catch them and release them outside your house. Place a jar or other container over them. Slide a piece of paper underneath so that the spider is on the paper and under the container. Then, holding the paper to the container, take the spider outside and release it. Consider taking steps to discourage them from entering your home in the first place as well.

The next time you see a spider in your home, resist the urge to kill it as quickly as possible. Remember, most spiders aren’t dangerous and they have an important job to do, one that can be especially beneficial to you. If you don’t like the idea of sharing living space with a spider, try to remove it from your house instead and take measures to discourage them from returning. You’ll both be better off for it.

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