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Why You Should Upgrade Your Rental Property’s Countertops

If you own a rental property, you know how much work it takes to keep it maintained and in good repair. It’s one of your responsibilities as a landlord to do so. Fulfilling that responsibility means replacing and upgrading various aspects of the property from time to time. Your rental property’s countertops are one such aspect. Do you know why it’s such a good idea?

Add Value

If the countertops in your rental property are old and run down, they aren’t doing you any favors in terms of property value. Replacing them with nicer, newer countertops may add value to your property. 

Bathrooms and kitchens heavily impact how valuable a property appears, so if upgrading your countertops improves your kitchen and bathrooms, it could do good things for property values. Keep in mind that this is impacted by local trends. It’s also important to consider how the countertops will look in the property, as appearance matters as well.

Create a Great Space for Tenants

Good tenants can be hard to come by. If you want to attract and keep good tenants, make creating a great space for them a priority. Tenants are more likely to stay if you make repairs and upgrades

Depending on what material you choose for your countertops, upgrading them can make cleaning them easier. Choose colors carefully, since that will impact how visually appealing the new countertops look in the space.

Save Money in the Long Run

Upgrading the countertops in your rental property could help you save money in the long run. Choose quality countertop materials known for their durability. Installing durable countertops means that you’ll have fewer repairs to pay for down the road. Look for materials that are stain resistant, scratch resistant, burn resistant, chip resistant, crack resistant, and nonporous. You won’t find a single countertop material that is impervious to all types of damage, and greater durability often comes with a higher price tag. Still, it’s better to choose more durable materials and spend more money upfront. That gets you better quality countertops that will stand up to damaging forces better, reduce the need for costly repairs, and extend the time you have before you have to replace them again.

It’s always smart to keep your rental property in good condition. Upgrading the countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms is a step in the right direction. Ideally, this is done while you’re in between tenants. That isn’t always an option, however, so clearly communicate timelines and expectations with your tenants so they know what to expect.

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