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Why You Should Buy a Home With a Little Extra Space

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When you’re searching for a new home, it’s a smart idea to find a house that works for you today and also in the future. As the years’ pass, your family may grow or shrink, and your lifestyle may change.

Buying a residence with a little extra space can be a big advantage.

Create a Home Office

Working from home is a growing trend, and if it becomes an option for you, creating a home office will be a must. An extra bedroom can easily be converted into an office. You’ll have enough room for a desk, bookshelves, and other storage.

A home office can also be placed in a finished basement. Just make sure you have adequate lighting and electrical outlets for your electronics. You can also convert part of an extra-large garage into an office, but you might need to add heating and cooling.

Make Room for Aging Parents

Extra bedrooms and bathrooms are also an advantage if you everneed to care for aging parents. This can be a temporary situation, such as after surgery, or you may decide to move a parent into your house instead of using assisted living. Caring for elderly relatives at home can help improve their quality of life.

You may need to make some changes to make it easier for your parents to get around in your home. A first-floor bedroom can be converted from a den or part of a large family room. Install grab bars in the bathroom for safety.

Make Space for Hobbies

Don’t forget your hobbies when you’re planning your space needs in your new home. If you like to sew, do woodworking, or play music, you will need an area to spread out and get creative. A bonus room or finished basement works well for these pursuits.

If you enjoy sports and outdoor activities, you’ll need space to store your equipment. You might need a shed orlarge garage for bulky items like kayaks or snowmobiles. For smaller items, an extra closet or shelves in the basement might be sufficient.

A house with a little extra room can be easily adapted to accommodate your interests and lifestyle changes. Keep the future in mind as you consider the features you need in a new home.

You just might need a bigger family room or an extra bedroom someday.

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