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What You Should Do Before Hiring a Home Contractor

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When it comes to finding a home contractor, it can be stressful. Doing any type of renovation on your home is a big deal. Taking a few specific steps early on can help you make the right decision.

Seek Out Several Quotes

One of the first steps you should take when figuring out who to hire as a contractor for home projects isgetting a good quote. Reach out to friends who have had different contractors and see if they can give you any referrals. Then simply go online and reach out to some of the contractors in your area. Have them give you quotes for your project so that you can compare.

Vet Them

After you’ve gathered multiple quotes, one of the most important next steps is to perform a thorough vetting process. Start by looking them up online—check out their website. How long has their company been around? Do they specialize in the particular project you want to have done? Do they still have a current state license and adequate insurance? Asking these questions is an essential part of the vetting process.

Then, look up reviews of their company online. Looking at Google reviews can be a good place to start. But when a company has multiple locations throughout the state or country, it can be hard to get an accurate gauge of the particular contractor you’re thinking about. Because Nextdoor is hyper-local, the reviews you read are coming from the people who live in your neighborhood.

Be Aware of Contract Details

As you’re getting closer to deciding on a contractor and moving forward with your project, be sure that you understand all the terms of the contract. You may be interested in a particular contractor because they gave you the lowest initial bid, but don’t hire them just because of that. Discuss the procedure with them to make sure you mutually understand all the details of what’s included in the project.

Feeling comfortable with this aspect of the contract will make a big difference in ensuring that your project is accomplished the way you want and close to the budget that you set.

Figuring out the best contractor for a home project can be tricky. Because renovation projects can become more complicated as you get further into it, you want to get someone good. Starting with these steps can help you initially rule out any contractors that might not be the best fit.

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