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What to Do with All the Stuff You Don’t Want to Throw Away

Parting with possessions can be difficult. There are many items that you may want to keep because they bring back memories. Other items are extremely useful on certain occasions and would be difficult to replace if you got rid of them. Still, other items can be part of long-term projects that you plan to continue later. So, what do you do with all this stuff? You don’t want it cluttering up your home!

Rent Storage

According to Security Self-Storage, perhaps the simplest solution is to rent storage space. For a reasonable monthly fee, you can get yourself a sizable secure storage space inside a gated compound. You can stick all your stuff in there. Keeping it organized may be a good idea so that you can find things when you need them, but since it’s out of sight, that won’t be necessary. If you do want to keep things organized, you may want to get some shelves to install so you can give everything a place. You can even get storage units that have climate control in case you are concerned about some of your valuables having problems with extreme cold or heat.

Store in Your Home

If you don’t want to spend money on a storage unit, there are many ways that you can store items in your home. The first step is to pick the right storage containers. Clear storage containers allow you to easily see what is stored inside them. According to On the Move, plastic containers make items more susceptible to mold. Make sure that your containers are strong and won’t break if heavy items are stacked on top. You can store your containers at the top of a closet or in your attic. If your bed frame is tall enough, you can slip a few containers under there.

Take Pictures

Sometimes, the reason that we are holding onto things isn’t that they are useful, it’s because they help bring back memories. If that is the reason why you are wanting to hold onto things, there may be a way to preserve the memory by keeping all the stuff around. Take a picture of your item and write a little paragraph that describes what it is and what memories you have of it. According to Extraordinary Lives, you can compile these into a book to share with your friends and family. Then instead of throwing away the item, you can give it to someone that will appreciate it the same way you used to.

What you decide to do with your items, is up to you. However, you must do something. Leaving your home cluttered with stuff isn’t a healthy way to live. Your mind needs a clean and organized atmosphere to thrive. Organizing and storing your stuff is the first step towards achieving that.

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