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What to Do After Becoming an Empty Nester

When raising kids, you spend a significant portion of your life being responsible for others and having them in your home. Once all of your children head off into the world, you might be left wondering what’s next for you. It’s time to enter the next chapter of your life. 

Do Some Decluttering 

As you begin this new phase, you want to start fresh. Go through all your belongings and start decluttering. You have a home full of a lifetime of memories, so it will take some time to declutter everything. Take your time and do it in phases. You might start by getting rid of things you can throw away. Next, you can go through your child’s belongings and check with them to know what can go. 

While decluttering, you can also make some extra money. Hosting a yard sale is a great way to get rid of everything. You could also donate old belongings that are in good enough condition to be passed to someone else. 


Once your children are all out of the house, you don’t need quite as much room. It might be time to downsize to a smaller, more manageable home. Downsizing allows you to live in a home that is fitting for just you and your spouse. It’s less to clean and maintain and it’s the right amount of space for two people. 

Most people downsize when they retire, so downsizing now can help you prepare. A smaller home can help you if you plan to do a lot of traveling in retirement. There’s no reason to have a big home if you won’t be in it very often. 

Focus On You and Your Partner

For a long time, everything has been focused on your kids. Now, it’s your turn. As you become an empty nester, you can shift all your focus to yourself and your partner. Now is the time to pick up some new hobbies or expand your social circles. It’s also a good time to strengthen your relationship with your partner. 

You can spend more time together and do things that just the two of you like. Many people choose to travel with their partners so that they can explore new places together. During this period of your life, you can also create new goals for just the two of you and work on your dreams and interests. 

It might be scary to reach this point in your life after spending so long with your kids. It’s full of possibilities and changes that are worth embracing. Open yourself up to these changes and enjoy your time as an empty nester. 

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