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Who We Are

Who we are: Since 1987 The Marks Team has sold well over 1,700 homes across the Greater Seattle Area. We are a collaborative team who share a clearly defined goal: our clients’ complete satisfaction. Our stellar results are driven from the 30 plus years of experience that makes us a trustworthy team.

We believe the ideal Real Estate transaction is achieved by executing both sides of the deal successfully. If you’re selling your home, this means that before the sign is in the yard, careful and detailed-oriented preparation is required. If you’re looking to purchase, conducting intensive research and evaluating the market before stepping into the first house is key. On both sides of the equation we go above and beyond to ensure that your home transaction process is as smooth and easy for you as possible.

We are constantly striving to cultivate the best environment possible to allow for great opportunities for our clients. Each buyer and seller is different, so every plan and approach we create and take is unique. Our accomplishments are directly linked to our clients’ success, and this is what we believe in whole-heartedly.

People Centered. Results Driven. ®

Our Philosophy: People Centered. Results Driven. ® We believe it aligns with how we feel about our clients and the services we strive to provide. But what does it mean to YOU?

People Centered.

Selling and/or buying a home are highly involved decisions that require both the head and the heart.

We use our decades of real estate and corporate business experience to help guide our clients through this journey by easing and simplifying the process.

Westart the process by first understanding who our clients are and what their needs are. After this, we then look at their property. We take into consideration everything that is of importance to our clients. This ranges from family needs to financial needs of both buyers and sellers.We make sure to evaluate everything that is valuable in the process of a home sale for you, such as commute-time for buyers or the house availability times of a seller whose home is being shown.

The knowledge we gain from speaking with you is then turned into a personalized game plan that will smoothly guide you through the buying or selling process.We have learned that clients desire predictability and ease.Ease generally leads to speed and satisfaction, so it is a win-win.

The key to successful relationships is communication. We always make sure to pick up the phone – or even make personal visits – in order to ensure your success.Your property does not hire us, YOU do, so we always make sure to take care of you to the best of our abilities.

Results Driven.

Our 2016 data shows our story in numbers:

  • We closed 49 transactions.
  • Over 50% of homes listed by us sold in less than 10 days.
  • 75% of sellers met or exceeded their asking price.
  • 76% of buyers paid at or below asking price.
  • We earned our sellers an average of an additional 3.5%

Results like these are no fluke. Understanding our clients needs, implementing strategies to fulfill them, and carefully planning and negotiating, have led to year after year of success. We hope that you can be another success story with us.