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Protecting Your Home from Mice This Spring

Mice are like any other type of household pest. They show up wherever their basic needs are going to be met. In the winter, those needs include food, water and a nice warm place to call home. Your home is filled with areas where mice like to hide, but that doesn’t mean they will stay hidden. Once a mouse moves in, you have to be ready to fight dirty and fight to the death because not only will he keep coming back, he is also going to bring his entire family with him. Just because it’s no longer winter doesn’t mean you can relax about mice. When a mouse makes their home inside yours, they are not going to leave on their own. Not only that, but spring is the time when mice begin to multiply, causing your problems to grow even more.

Stop Them from Coming in

According to Animal Liberation Front, the winter is a pretty strong motivator for mice to being to invade your home. Mice and some insects will start looking for warmer homes about the time the nights start getting cooler. You may see more activity during the day, but do not be fooled into thinking they are nesting anywhere outside. They are searching for ways inside. That means that before the end of the summer, you should:

  • Search for, eliminate and repair any cracks or holes in foundations. Fix basement windows and cellar doors as well.
  • Cut back any branches that touch your home, including those that are hanging over the roof.
  • Look for any signs of rodent damage to floorboards, especially in pantries and closets.

All of this being said, if you find out that there are mice already living in your home, it’s still important to stop more from coming in, or from the mice living in your home to go in and out as they please. Not only that, but mice can cause serious damage or make places in your home unsafe, and as such could cost you a lot of money.

More Mouse-Proofing Tips

Since warmth is only one of the lures of your house, it is important that you try to eliminate some of the others as well. Make sure that you are not putting a buffet out for Mickey and friends by covering all food and storing items in heavy plastic containers as much as possible. According to Insteading, keep pet food covered, and do not leave food dishes filled at night. Some mice will steal food right in front of your pets. This is even more important in the spring as mice will try to seek out more food than in the winter, especially if they have babies.

Getting Rid of Mice Once They Are Inside

Mice are notoriously hard to catch. They can squeeze through tiny holes and are too fast for most people to grab. Poison is dangerous, especially if you have pets and small children, and tends to lead to dead mice decomposing in your walls. Traps are OK as long as they actually kill the mouse quickly. Again, make sure that your pets and children do not have access to the areas where you are placing these traps. According to Preventative Pest Control, mice prefer to hide in bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. The places you least want them. Be sure to add any traps or poison carefully in these areas. If you have small children in the home, it’s best to keep them away from those areas while you have a mice infestation.

If the problem is ongoing or you have mice running all over the place, it is time to call in an exterminator to deal with the problem once and for all. After all, mice in the home can cause damage, and you want your property to be well-taken care of, whether you’re going to be living in it for a long time, or are planning to sell one day. Mice causing long term damage to your home might be covered by your insurance, but only if you have planned for that even to occur. Make sure you have good home insurance so that your property is protected as much as it can be.

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