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Who Do You Love Winners Announced!

This was our first time doing something like this and we were blown away by the results.

We had over 1,000 votes cast and 23 different amazing non-profit organizations nominated. All who serve some part of the homeless population, provide housing or are connected to foster care/adoption.

We had a couple questions why we chose this specific of a service area. The first reason is homelessness is a huge problem facing the Seattle area. The Seattle times reported in December that the Seattle area has the third largest concentration on homeless people in the country with the count being over 11,000 individuals. We wanted to do something to help those people. The other service area that this contest focused on was foster care and adoption. This is an issue that is close to Gordy’s heart as he adopted two of his three boys. He believes in the miracle of adoption and that every child deserves a loving family.

Meet our winners below!

Winning first place and $750 is Shower to the People!

Shower to the people provides free showers to homeless people twice a week. They do this by parking a trailer with two full size shower units twice a week in Everett and Lynwood. With every shower they give towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, underwear, socks and t-shirt.
In addition to the actual shower and toiletries, they also provide other essential items for the homeless like blankets, sleeping bags, and clothes.

It was great meeting Frank and Jason in our office. They are such humble men who deserve a lot praise for what they do. Please visit their website at showertothepeople.webstarts.com.

In second place, winning $500 is Antioch Adoptions!

Antioch Adoptions provides no-fee adoption services with a mission to place infants and children, regardless of ethnicity, age, or special needs, into adoptive homes, and to remove barriers to adoption (financial, perceptual, and practical).

Visit their website at http://antiochadoptions.org/

In 3rd Place Winning $250 is Hand in Hand!

Their mission is to support children, families, and those who serve them is grounded in the belief that communities must support the following four groups to have a positive impact on the foster system: foster children, foster parents, social workers, and biological families.

Learn more at http://www.handinhandkids.org/

Congratulations to all of our winners and a huge thank you to everyone involved with every charity nominated in this contest. You all do such amazing work providing for our community.

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