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How to Prepare the Exterior of Your Home For a Showing

You’re preparing to show your home. You’ve put a ton of work into cleaning the interior, staging the furniture, and putting all the kids’ toys away. But when it comes to staging your home, you can’t forget about the exterior. Here are three things you can do to get your home exterior looking as good as the inside.

Pressure Wash It

When it comes to making your exterior of your home seem fresh and welcoming, pressure washing your home can be an effective option. Pressure washing your home cleans off dirt and debris and can help the paint, stucco, or brick regain its original, vibrant color.

It may not seem like the biggest deal to change the color of your home exterior from a dusty brick red to a bright brick red. However, doing this can actually make your home look newer. This fresh look can attract more buyers to your home.

Take Care of Landscaping

Landscaping is an essential part of preparing the exterior of your home for a showing. Pay particular attention to your trees. Do you have any with unruly branches that block the viewer from seeing the house? How does your groundcover look? Does your bark look old? Cleaning up your groundcover can make a big difference in making your home feel newer. You should also take steps to prevent weeds in your yard that can degrade your curb appeal. Having weeds in the garden can send the signal that you don’t take ownership of your home.

Make the Front Door Appealing

When it comes to curb appeal, your landscaping and paint job are huge. But even more important is your actual doorway. This area should captivate the visitor and draw them in. It’s important that your door be in good condition. You may even want to consider painting the door with a fresh coat of paint.

Having an appealing door in a bright color can instantly up your curb appeal. You should also depersonalize the decorations on the doorstep. Get a few cheery simple decorations that seem relatable to the average viewer.

Preparing a home for a showing can be a stressful process. These suggestions can help you get started on preparing the exterior of your home for the visitors. Once you’ve implemented some of these changes, think about your home’s exterior’s specific assets and weaknesses in order to know where to channel your effort next.

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