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How to Make Your Living Space Truly Unique

Decorated living room

Are you sick and tired of the copy-and-paste suburban aesthetic? Good! It seems that you can’t peruse the vast majority of modern homes on the market without seeing bland, unoriginal interiors. If you want to make your living space unique, you’re going to need to go against the grain.

Find Your Style

The key to creating a unique space that you also love is to find your style. You’re not designing to impress or please anybody else; this is for you and you alone. You shouldn’t be worrying about what other people think. If you design something to be unique, but you don’t end up loving it, it will be a waste of money and time. Use the internet to explore different home aesthetics. Note how color, space, and light interact, and look at how to apply that to your own room. Function and aesthetic need to have a proper balance that works for you.

Add Art

Even the plainest homes should have art. In fact, a minimalistic home would not be complete without some minimalist, abstract art. Even the very basic home aesthetics tend to have Norman Rockwell cottages or sunsets on the walls. No matter which aesthetic you go with, art should be a part of it. Again – color is very important. Think about what emotions you want to evoke in your friends and family. Small sculptures, paintings, and photographic prints are ideal options. A mural can turn an empty space, like a hallway, into something that shows off your creativity. Even potted plants can add a natural and artistic touch to a given space, although that comes with more maintenance.

Balance Function and Aesthetic

Unique features should not be left to appearance. Truly unique homes operate in a distinct way. This can manifest in a large variety of methods. In-home entertainment is one reliable way to switch things up – maybe having a projector, in-home theater room, or creative television placement can help. Bathrooms, kitchens, and other such functional features can also be transformed with a walk-in shower or a raised bar table by a window where you can sit down to eat. Every single possible avenue comes with associated costs, of course, depending on how invasive the remodel would be – so calculate costs carefully.

This is about you and your family. Cast aside your concerns about others’ opinions. What might be considered hip right now will be old in a decade. What you think has personality, others might think is tacky. But who cares? Create a space that makes you happy.

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