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Tips on Keeping Your House Cool During The Summer

Poster about how to keep your house cool

It’s hot in Seattle right now. REALLY hot for Seattle standards. Most houses in the Greater Seattle Area are not equipped with central air conditioning. Living and sleeping in a house comparable to your gym’s sauna is miserable, we know. Thankfully we’ve collected a number of ways to keep your house cool this summer!

  1. Close Blinds and Curtains

    During the day, ALWAYS keep your blinds, and curtains closed. This will reduce sunlight and heat sneaking in through your windows! When choosing blinds and curtains, make sure the sides facing outdoors are white in color. White reflects heats, whereas darker colors will absorb the heat.

  2. Conscious Cooking

    Eat cold meals. Cook on an outdoor grill. Microwave meals. Anything to avoid using your oven or stove is ideal! BUT if you must use the oven or stove, here are a few tips:

    • Use the microwave vent or range hood to pull hot air from the stove to the outside.
    • Make sure to put lids on cooking pots to reduce indoor humidity.
    • Check your food in the oven by flicking on the light switch and looking through the glass. Constantly opening and closing the hot oven increases the heat in your kitchen.
  3. Turn Off Large Electronics!

    Electronics generate heat, especially large ones. When not in use, turn off and unplug your TVs and monitors. This includes holding off on laundry and dishes until evening time as well! It’s advisable to avoid running your washer, drying, and dish washer until temperatures are cooler in the evening. Any large electronic will create generous amounts of heat.

  4. Open Windows at Night

    In the PNW summer nights tend to cool off significantly. Keeping your windows open during the night can act as natural A/C. The cool air from the night can last throughout the day if you make sure to close all windows in the morning! Investing in windows fans can accelerate this cooling process as well during the night.

  5. Think Long-Term

    There are many ways to prepare for hot summers in advance. Investing some money and time into preparing yourself for the heat can save you in the future!

    • Plant large trees on the south and west sides of your house in order to shade it.
    • Replacing your furnace? Invest in Central A/C. Installing A/C is cheapest when replacing your furnace.
    • Replace your roof with light colored shingles in order to reflect the sun’s rays.
    • Install insulated windows with low-e coating.
    • Add awnings over sun-facing windows.
    • Replace your incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps. Incandescent bulbs waste 90% of their energy through heat!
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