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How to Finish a Home Improvement Project Before Winter


Winter is coming! There probably won’t be dragons (though at this point, anything is possible), but you’d still like to have a cozy place for other creatures in your nice home for when the cold weather hits. And this means finishing up any projects you’ve begun…a difficult task for many homeowners, who have busy lives and great pandemic stresses! How can you get your projects done before winter, so you can rest?

Create a Plan

First of all, it depends upon the project. Some are bits and pieces of little projects which need shoring up before everything is finished. Some entail a great deal more stress and a lot of steps, instead. Regardless of what your projects mean, you need to formulate a plan, including the basic steps needed. If you are low on time, or just low on energy and patience at the moment, being able to take care of one step at a time is very helpful. Likewise, being able to see your progress helps immensely!

Hire Contractors to Help

If you’ve begun (or want to begin) a large project, consider hiring experts and specialists who can do the work. Make sure you have a written contract with your contractor! The primary contractor should have written contracts with subcontractors that work onsite. This helps you legally in case there is any complication. Specialists should have experience, but also be licensed in the state where you live and have their own insurance to cover their work.

Budget with Your Planning

Alongside of your plan, it’s important to have a budget in place, so that both you and your contractor know what things are not only necessary, but limits involved with your project. It’s easy to get a little bit of project creep—installing cabinets reminds you that you want a backsplash, which means maybe the rest needs painting. It’s easy to watch DIY shows and forget that rooms don’t get fully redone in one weekend without a lot of additional assistance! Having a budget helps you stay on track, and then budget for other ideas later.

Your project really can get finished! It will feel a lot better having it done, when you have other activities and events headed your way at the turning of the year. Finishing projects feels not only wonderful to you, but to your family. It leaves you with more time to plan ideas for next year!

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