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How to Add More Green to Your Backyard

backyard garden

A greener backyard will make a much bigger difference for you than you might expect. The aesthetic advantages, the environmental bonus – you just might be surprised how much better it truly is. The question is, what are the best and cheapest ways to go about it?

Start a Garden

Gardens can be as simple or as expansive as you desire. They can range from the practical to the beautiful. That variety of results is why gardens are so popular; you can hardly drive past a basic suburban home without spotting at least a few potted plants. Your garden can flourish with some rich soil and a planter (which can be constructed out of excess wood or bought pre constructed at a hardware store). You may need to buy the soil if the soil in your location is not very nutrient-rich. There are many varieties of flowers (local or store-bought) as well as produce and spices that you can use. In a few months, you might even be able to eat fresh ingredients that were grown in your backyard!

Plant Trees

Trees are definitely a larger step forward than a garden. You need to make sure that your backyard has the space for it (keeping the roots in consideration). You also should probably research beforehand about the different kinds of trees that you could buy, ensuring that your purchase will flourish waith care. Avoid invasive species. As a result, you’ll have a large, oxygen-producing source of greenery. Trees are important for providing shade in the summer as well as privacy in your home. They also provide housing for bugs, birds, and other creatures that promote biodiversity.

Potted Plants

You’ve got to do the same research that you did with trees, but usually, the maintenance is a lot simpler with potted plants. Certain plants can provide produce or flowers, but many simply provide a genuine natural touch to the corner of a porch or yard. Feel free to explore the wide variety of shrubs, flowers, and shoots that you can pot. Their portability and their diversity make them a great pick for even a casual gardener. If you’re looking to start slow – a potted plant should be your go-to pick.

These suggestions are only the beginning. You can get high-quality lawn grass from your local hardware store. You can also install birdbaths of feeders to bring more animal life to you. Make sure to maintain what you’ve got, and your backyard will be beautiful in no time at all.

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