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How Often Should You Declutter Your Home?

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Having a beautiful, well-organized, and clutter-free home is a glorious experience, for the fifteen minutes that it lasts! But in all seriousness, it can feel like no matter how good and clean and organized you get your home, the clutter returns and you’re back to square one. The only true solution to keeping your home clutter free is to keep decluttering your home regularly. But how often should you? The truth is that it depends. Here are three times that you should be decluttering your home to stay clean and organized.

Around Springtime

Spring cleaning is still a thing, and Healthline recommends you participate in a spring cleaning and declutter your home when March finally rolls around. Over the winter, as you spend more time indoors, you may find that you collect more things scattered around your home. And with the increased time spent indoors you may also see that things in your home don’t get put away as often. But once the springtime rolls around and the weather starts to warm up, it is time to get things back under control. Make sure that around springtime you are doing a major declutter of your home.

Every Time You Move

This one should be a big no brainer, but many people don’t follow this advice. When you move, you will necessarily have to pack up everything in your home and move it somewhere new. What better opportunity is there to go through everything you own and decide what you need and what you don’t? According to On the Move, moving is a great time to throw out or donate clothes you don’t wear anymore. Go through everything and decide if you really need all your stuff in your new home. Then donate or throw away what you don’t need.

Once a Month

While you don’t have to do a major deep clean every single month, The Spruce says it is a good idea to start off each month fresh with a little tidy up of your home. Clutter builds up overtime, and when you do a good sweepover every month, you can eliminate your need for deep cleans entirely. Just make sure that everything has a place to be put away every month and throw away anything you don’t need right away to prevent buildup of clutter. It will go a long way.

Decluttering your home is one thing, keeping your home clutter free is quite another. It can seem like you are always decluttering if you don’t have a plan for when to do it. Follow these three pieces of advice to get an idea of when it’s time for you to declutter!

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