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Home Projects to Do Before Fall

Father and Daughter painting a wall

Summer is the best time to complete projects that you have been putting off all year. The weather is nice, and you might not have to drive kids to school or practice as often. Summer is halfway over – it’s time to consider your top priorities when it comes to home projects. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Plug any air leaks

Colder weather is coming, but plugging leaks in your home doesn’t just help you in the fall and winter. This project keeps the temperature in your home consistent. Check the attic and crawl spaces for places where the home has settled, or caulk has worn away and left gaps or cracks. You can also check your duct work to make sure that air is not escaping on its way from your AC to your living room. Whether it’s 30 or 90 degrees outside, this home project will keep you from fighting your thermostat, and from sending your energy bill through the roof.

Spruce up your deck

Staining or refinishing your deck might have been a springtime project for you. If not, now is the time to do it! Fall and winter precipitation can soak into your unfinished deck and cause damage. While the sun is out, treat your deck to a sanding, re-staining, or total replacement! Next summer, you’ll be glad you did.

Give your house a bath

Everyone needs a bath, including your house! What better time to do it when there’s no risk of rain or freezing temperatures. Power washing your siding is a great summer project. Dirt, dust, cobwebs, and moss have likely built up on your siding over the past year. Start your fall with a sparkling home! One word of advice – when power washing, avoid pointing the nozzle upward. Spraying water up toward your roof can trap water in your eaves, causing rot and attracting insects. Get a ladder and use downward strokes.

Reseal your driving spaces

Your driveway and garage probably see the most wear-and-tear of any part of your home. Cars, bikes, basketballs, and home projects can wreak havoc on your driveway and garage over years of use. Summer is a great time to reseal these surfaces and give them a fresh start. You’ll probably need to outsource your driveway sealing project, but you can buy do-it-yourself resealing kits for your garage. While resealing your garage, you can take the opportunity to purge and reorganize that space. Two projects in one!

Paint the town (or just your house)

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way, and summer is the perfect time to do it. You can air out your house in the sunshine without worrying about moisture or cold. Pick a room or a section of your house that needs a face lift, and give it a new look! Popular ideas include bathrooms, creating an accent wall in your living space or bedroom, or repainting your front door. This project will leave your house feeling fresh and new.

Fix up your roof

Your roof needs more attention than you might think it does. If left unattended, your roof can slowly grow moss, crack shingles or lose ridge caps. It’s a good idea to get your roof inspected or cleaned yearly. If it ends up needing to be replaced, you’ll be glad you did it during the summer. You’ll need a strong and leak-proof roof when winter comes.

We love home improvement projects at Gordy Marks Real Estate. We have been a part of several flips and remodels, and we do many of the things on this list to prepare our listings for the housing market. If you’re looking for advice, trusted vendor recommendations, or more summer project ideas, send us a message! We would love to hear from you.

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