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Factors That Can Throw a Wrench into Your Moving Plans

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No move will go perfect. Putting in the preparation and planning will help mitigate stress when something inevitably goes wrong. If you know how to handle moving even when there are road blocks, however, there will be a lot less stress!

Your New House Isn’t Ready 

Sometimes the gap between your old place and new place doesn’t line up perfectly. Whether your old lease is up while you’re still finalizing a purchase or your new house isn’t ready for you, sometimes it is necessary to find a temporary location to stay. According to SpareFoot, rental properties like Airbnb and VRBO make it easier to find quality short term housing. It is important during this transition to keep your essential items accessible and the rest of your items in storage. This will keep what you need nearby and the rest of your items secure. Depending on how long you must wait, you might also need to set up a temporary mail forwarding service.

Moving During Winter 

Moving during the winter is difficult because you never know how the weather will cooperate. Winter storms can be very difficult when moving, especially when moving companies are involved. For the safety of their workers and vehicles on the road, your moving date may be set back. The snow, clean or dirty, can also cause damage to your belongings. According to On the Move, you should have extra cover available to protect your furniture and other vulnerable belongings. If your moving time is flexible and your items well-protected from cold, slush, and snow, your experience will be much more positive.

Failing to Budget Correctly

Moving comes with a lot of unanticipated costs. The cost of your move is hard to estimate because there are a variety of factors involved. If you are trying to keep your costs in a certain range, it is smart to get a general idea of what the move will cost long before the actual event. Moving companies usually give estimates, not quotes. Figure out what you are comfortable spending and how much you are going to budget. According to Forbes, a moving cost calculator can help you figure out how much you’ll likely be spending based on the amount of stuff you have and the distance you are traveling. Don’t forget to factor in packing supplies, travel expenses, and days away from work too.

Moving is a stressful and exciting adventure. Sometimes things happen that are out of your control. Be prepared to handle factors that can throw a wrench into your moving plans by always having a backup plan!

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