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Curb Appeal in Less than One Day

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In Real Estate, the age old phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is far from the truth. If you’re looking to sell your home, first impressions can make or break the interest potential buyers have in your home. Capturing hearts from the curb can immediately create positive impressions about you and your house. Whether looking to sell or not, curb appeal is fairly easy to achieve and makes a positive impact on all visitors to your home.

Here’s a secret: with a little creativity, you don’t have to spend weeks or months upgrading your curb appeal. You can even get it done in a day or less! These small projects are quick, fun, won’t drain your bank, and will leave a lasting impression with the people you care about most.

Fresh Coat for your Door

Pick a new color for your door that stands out and is memorable! Make sure that your choice matches with the rest of the house and shutters. Painting your door can make a huge difference in the appeal and memorability of your entryway. Painting your house can get pricey– so if painting the entire house is not necessary, sticking with just the front door is advantageous.

Freshen the Entryway

Potted plants bring color and life! Adding potted plants onto your porch or step will make your entryway more inviting. Along with plants, adding furniture can help stimulate the imagination. Including a chair or two can help your buyers imagine themselves sipping a drink or relaxing on a summer evening on their new porch. Color and comfort can help your potential buyers view your property as not just a house, but a home.

Accessorize with Flower Boxes

Again– plants bring life and energy to a home! Adding flower boxes to your windowsill is a classic touch that is beautiful and home-y. If your home is low on color, flowers add a pop of color that will create some character for your home. Flower boxes create a stunning visual point of memory: Buyers will be saying “We like the house with the flowers in the window!”

Pop your Numbers

Your house numbers matter! And can even make a difference. Revamp your old numbers with something modern and creative. It’s a fun and fairly inexpensive project that can leave a lasting impression on those who visit your home. If you’re looking for some fun DIY ideas, here’s a great article.

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