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Independence Day Activities in the Puget Sound 2017

Looking for something to do in Seattle on the Fourth of July? There are plenty of Independence Day activities planned around the Puget Sound! Rain or shine the Emerald City will be celebrating with picnics, fireworks, concerts, parades, and m...

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Why it Pays to Know your Home’s Value

Most people don’t consider their home’s value until they begin thinking about selling. In actuality it always pays to know! For example, having an accurate value helps you make smarter home improvement decisions.  With an accurate home...

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Real Estate Myth: Home Valuation Tools

MYTH: Home valuation tools on Zillow and Redfin give you an accurate home value estimate. REALITY: Online estimates were developed to give owners a BALL PARK range, but not made to replace a professional appraisal. Companies have invested tho...

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Real Estate Myth: “FSBO” Saves Money

A common myth sellers believe is that selling their home “for sale by owner” (FSBO) is a good idea because it is easy and will save them money. It would be great if selling homes was as simple as putting a for-sale sign in the yard, inputti...

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Protecting Your Investment: Spring Edition!

The sun is finally beginning to shine (every once in a while a least...)! Now that the cold of winter is fading, it's a great time to evaluate how your house fared this winter. Winter can be tough the exterior of homes, especially if you live ...

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