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7 Things to Consider for Fall Lawn Care

The leaves have begun to fall and autumn is here. To get the best thick, green, and healthy lawn in the spring you need to care for your lawn now. According to Scott Firth, CEO of Lawn Doctor, most homeowners don’t take the necessary step...

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First Time Home Buyer: Client Story

Working with first time home buyers is always a fun, exciting process for us. The nervous energy and excitement our new clients have towards finding their first home is contagious! That being said, being a first time home buyer in the extre...

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Relocation: True Client Story

Relocation in intimidating, we know. We recently received a stellar review from one of our clients whose home we have just sold. Her review summarizes her experience working with us for her family's relocation. Her review kindly states: "Work...

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Tips on Buying a Vacation Home

Tips on Buying a Vacation Home We recently listed a beautiful lake house in Western Washington. This house is a vacation rental dream -- large enough to house the entire family, includes an expansive dock, located on the perfect lake for...

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Tips on Keeping Your House Cool During The Summer

It's hot in Seattle right now. REALLY hot for Seattle standards. Most houses in the Greater Seattle Area are not equipped with central air conditioning. Living and sleeping in a house comparable to your gym's sauna is miserable, we know. Thankf...

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Curb Appeal in Less than One Day

In Real Estate, the age old phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover" is far from the truth.  If you’re looking to sell your home, first impressions can make or break the interest potential buyers have in your home. Capturing hearts from th...

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Independence Day Activities in the Puget Sound 2017

Looking for something to do in Seattle on the Fourth of July? There are plenty of Independence Day activities planned around the Puget Sound! Rain or shine the Emerald City will be celebrating with picnics, fireworks, concerts, parades, and m...

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Why it Pays to Know your Home’s Value

Most people don’t consider their home’s value until they begin thinking about selling. In actuality it always pays to know! For example, having an accurate value helps you make smarter home improvement decisions.  With an accurate home...

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Real Estate Myth: Home Valuation Tools

MYTH: Home valuation tools on Zillow and Redfin give you an accurate home value estimate. REALITY: Online estimates were developed to give owners a BALL PARK range, but not made to replace a professional appraisal. Companies have invested tho...

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