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Why Buying a Garage May Be the Best Money You Ever Spent

Car in garage

Although most homes today already come with garages, some older homes do not. While not having a garage may not have dissuaded you from buying your current home, that doesn’t mean that your home couldn’t benefit from having one. As Eicher Design Build claims, the garage may be the most important feature of your home. Why? Take a look at a few of the reasons below.

Storage Space

First and foremost, the construction of a garage allows you to add more storage space to your home. Although garages can be used for general storage, they offer some specific storage uses that appeal to many homeowners. A garage can easily fit a tool bench, cabinets, and shelving, which you can use to store general tools, sports equipment, and even hobby supplies. And given that you’re making the garage to order, you can add even more space to your floor plans to accommodate whatever hobbies you have and all the gear that goes along with it.

Still not convinced? Rooms that are versatile hold more appeal to would-be buyers. A garage that adds space but can also be used for more than just keeping your car may appeal to your next round of buyers.

Property Value

A garage can add value to your property in a number of ways. First, it adds to the overall square footage of your home, which influences your home’s sale price. And if your home does have a garage, it’ll give the real estate professional you’re working with something tangible to compare to. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about ruining your grass or other vegetation, because you can park your car in the garage, out of harm’s way.

Basically, the homes in your subdivision determine the value of your home to an extent. If all of the other homes in your area have a garage, your property could seem like it has less value if it doesn’t have one. Adding a garage could bump the value of your home up by more than 20%.

Family Safety

A new garage means that you’ll be using the best materials. This also means more specifically that you’ll be using materials that are sturdier and harder to break into. The new garage also won’t have an opener, with an old code, which was easier to break into than newer, more modern garage door openers.

Additionally, the construction of a garage allows you to create spaces that by their nature are more secure. As you are building your garage, you can make spaces specific for locked bikes or sporting equipment or even tools. These features keep your items safe from theft but also keep younger kids from inadvertently hurting themselves. Your children might be curious about what’s in the garage’s locked spaces. However, that’s all they’ll have, their curiosity. They’ll be safe from the accidents that can sometimes happen from playing around equipment like this.

Final Thoughts

Adding a garage really can be the best home-improvement plan you could ever undertake. Your home will have more resale value, more storage space, and be safer. If you don’t have a garage right now, you could be missing out on money down the road, particularly if the homes around yours has a garage. Give yourself a competitive edge: Add a garage to your home.

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