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5 Upgrades Your Backyard Desperately Needs

Mountain View

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When you look out the windows of your home to see your backyard, you might think that it seems dull and simple in design. Fortunately, there are some upgrades that you can make to your yard that will make it a beautiful place for entertaining and a place where you can relax after a long day. Before updating your yard, consider the budget that you have as some features might be more expensive than others – especially if you’re doing this for home improvement. Sometimes, depending on your house’s value, this won’t be a return on investment.

Adding Pavers

If you already have a patio area or a pathway of any kind in the yard, then you could add pavers to highlight these areas. Brick pavers are an option to consider if you want a warmer look in the yard. You can enhance concrete areas of the patio as well as sidewalks and pathways with brick pavers as well as pavers that are made of stone. For a natural look, use stone pavers that are different sizes.

Hot Tub Time

A relaxing upgrade that you can make to the backyard is adding a hot tub. You can put the tub in the ground to act as a small pool or position it in the center of a deck area that you build so that there is an area around the hot tub to sit when you don’t want to be in the water. Install lights along the perimeter of the tub for accents at night so that you can enjoy the bubbling water at any time.

Fire Pits

A trend that has continued to take shape over recent years is the installation of fire pits in the backyard. You can create an extravagant pit with large stones or a simple pit with a small grate and rocks. An option is to install the pit in the center of your patio so that it can function as a heating and grilling source while you’re entertaining or spending time with your family. If you’re feeling particularly handy, you can even try building your own (but be warned, this is definitely an advanced project).

New Trees

Add some new trees to your yard. They may be young now but when they grow, you’ll be able to enjoy the shade they provide and they will add to the beauty of your home. Learn how to properly care for your trees so that they remain healthy and strong. For example, if the trees need some support after having been transplanted, using stakes and a decent sized baling wire for the project in order to brace it up so it grows straight and not crooked. Also, learn what is the best mulch and fertilizer to use for your trees so they get the proper nutrients while growing. Properly take care of your trees and they’ll provide you with years of pleasure to come.

Water Fixtures

From water fountains to ponds, installing any water feature is a way to upgrade your backyard. If you decide to install a pond, then consider putting lights around the edge to highlight any fish or plants that are in the water. You could also put a column fountain in the center of a flower garden or near your patio as a focal point with flowers and plants around the base.

The upgrades that you make to your backyard should reflect the exterior of your home. Consider the size of your yard as you don’t want to add upgrades that are too big or those that are too small. Install upgrades that you can quickly change in the future if you want a new look in the yard.

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