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5 Signs It’s Time to Buy a Bigger Home

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We all try to find that perfect home — the one with the features we love, and just enough space inside and out to accommodate our families and lifestyles. At some point may come that nagging feeling: it’s time to move to a bigger home. If you’re still not sure and maybe need a little nudge to take the leap, here are our 5 signs that it’s time to buy a bigger house.

  1. Your family is expanding

  2. Whether you’re having a baby or moving your parents into your home, adding more people to the equation generally means you’ll need more space. More people means more stuff, more demand for bathroom space, and so on. You’ll want your children to have room to roam the house, and new kids are definitely one of the most popular reasons to move to a new home

  3. You want a different neighborhood, community, or school system

  4. Perhaps your first home wasn’t located in the greatest of neighborhoods, but the purchase got you into your own place. Now it’s time to upgrade your living by choosing a neighborhood or community that better suits your lifestyle, preferences, and needs — especially if you have children who will be enrolling in the school system. Location does matter, and upsizing when moving to a new neighborhood can be the solution to many nagging issues as well as preventing more from arising down the road.

  5. You’ve had a boost in your income

  6. Whether you got a new job or received a raise, more money in the bank can mean it’s a great time to invest in a bigger house. Whether you’re hoping for a larger yard or a roomier kitchen for all of your cooking projects, now you can afford to be a little more selective about your space and priorities in your home. Take some time to consider what you wish were different about your existing home, and make a list of priorities. What do you want to do with all your new space?

  7. Your quality of life is suffering

  8. This category can include many things: your ever-growing pack of dogs or cats who are driving you crazy. Your cascading piles of fabrics that you use for quilting, but just can’t keep organized in your current space. The lack of a guest room means that when family visits, you’re stuck on the couch. Whatever it might be, if your quality of life has taken a nosedive because your house is too small, well, the answer is pretty clear. Hire a great local moving company and move on up to a bigger home.

  9. To move or remodel?

  10. If this question is already being considered, you have a lot on your plate. Depending on the condition and layout of your current home, sometimes remodeling to create more space can be more costly than selling and moving to a larger existing house. What’s more, do you really want to live in a construction zone for months? We didn’t think so. Unless you’re really passionate about expanding your existing space, the urge to remodel may be better transformed into the urge to go real estate shopping.

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