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5 Not-So-Common Improvements To Increase Home Value

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If you’re ready to give your home a little bit of a facelift, you may be surprised at how many small editions can bump its value up a little bit. No, it doesn’t always take an expensive extreme makeover to make your home high value on the market or to have it ready if you consider selling it at a later time. There are five ways you can do this by investing in some not so well-known features for your home.

  1. Have More Closet Space Added
  2. Everyone likes to protect their valuables, whether it be old family jewelry, art, or clothes that they don’t get chance to wear. And while it may seem like too much effort to keep that stuff around the house as opposed to the garage, valuables can get vulnerable to moisture and humidity. This means people will always appreciate having a little more room around the house. One thing prospective buyers will love about a home is how its storage space is allocated, and adding or redoing various bedroom or coat closets can help the value. One common way to make your closets much more space efficient is to turn them into either wire or laminate closets. This kind of update is usually fairly quick as well and gives your closets a nice cosmetic appeal as well as space management.

  3. Have Central Vacuum Systems Installed
  4. You may not have thought about a vacuum system as a major home value increase factor, but it could increase home value by as much as $2,000. Central vacuums are highly convenient also because you don’t have to drag a heavy vacuum all over the house and worry about where to plug it in anymore. Prospective buyers often love homes with these because they are much easier to maintain.

  5. Have Some Plumbing And Electrical Work Done
  6. Most homeowners leave the plumbing, central air, and electrical systems alone unless there are major problems with them. But if you’re starting on your home selling phase, it may be time to go over it and make sure your water supply is flowing in properly and to make sure your drains are not inhibited. Plus you never know if a loose or faulty wiring system might be uncovered, or if you might find small water or air duct leaks.

  7. Do a Deep Cleaning of the Bathrooms
  8. The bathrooms are the second most looked at rooms in a house next to the kitchen. If possible, you should use cleaning solutions that are meant just for tile and bath cleaning to make sure your bathroom looks brand new and impresses prospective buyers. You can also have prefabricated surrounds for your fixtures installed which won’t make a mess and can be installed quickly.

  9. Make Sure Old Carpet Is Replaced
  10. A complete house carpet overhaul can be expensive and may not be in your best interest, but it may make sense to update the carpeting in some rooms if it genuinely needs it. Carpet cleaning, even done by professional cleaners is usually affordable too, and you might be surprised at how new it can make your carpets look. You might also consider having cheap laminate flooring installed in some areas of your home or even large rugs if you’d rather not have carpeting updated.

    In conclusion, making small improvements to your home in less conspicuous areas is often very cost-effective and can add value without disrupting your home life. Also, some of these installations do not even need professional contractors and can be done in a day or two. A home design consultant may even be able to offer a few other tips for inexpensive touch-ups.

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