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4 Summer Issues Seattle Homeowners Have to Deal With

Looking forward to the summer is far easier when you’re getting a break from school or when you have minimal responsibilities. Seattle homeowners live in a unique climate, which gives them quite a few advantages as well as quite a few issues. These are four summer issues for Seattle homeowners that cannot be ignored.


Dealing with humidity doesn’t just you feel uncomfortable. It can also cause harm to your house. Because of Seattle’s moist environment and the warmth of the summer months, mold can start to form and quickly take over. While mold can easily find its way into your home, you can do things to keep its lifespan short. Run a dehumidifier, clean up immediately after any sort of flooding, and examine your house for any signs of mold on at least a weekly basis.

Insects and Bugs

There are all kinds of insect species that can take refuge in your home during the summer, from termites to wasps to cockroaches. Some you can evict yourself, but others are too challenging for easy DIY fixes. For these harder cases, call in a professional exterminating service. Other insects and bugs that come out during the summer months in Seattle are ticks, ants, rodents, and bed bugs to name a few. Best to keep a clean home, yard, and to have an exterminating service phone number handy.

Roof Troubles

It’s easy to take your roof for granted, but the effects of humidity can do damage to the integrity of yours. As the temperature rises, the humidity distorts and damages your shingles, thereby hindering the ability of your roof to act as a shield. You need to keep your home well ventilated in order to protect your roof. It could also help to have your roof inspected before the temperature spikes up and humidity really takes hold.


Brace yourself for the possibility of wildfire damage if you live in any proximity to forests. Millions of dollars have been spent to deal with wildfires in Seattle and other parts of Washington state. Whether or not they occur isn’t entirely up to you. However, you can take preventive measures to minimize damage. Trim your trees and don’t let your lawn be littered with dead branches. Reinforce your roof with less flammable materials. If you’re buying a home, make sure it’s in a location that’s not prone to wildfires.

Caring for home involves being prepared for any sort of seasonal issues that can arise. The warmth of summer can feel pretty cold when you’re dealing with things like mold and invasive species. Create defense measures and respond to problems as soon as they’ve made themselves known. This can help you to have a peaceful summer you deserve.

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