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4 Steps To Take To Winterize Your Home

4 Steps To Take To Winterize Your Home

Before winter arrives each year, you must winterize your home so that it is warm. With the correct type of preparation, your home is also safer from the damages that are often caused by cold weather and excessive moisture. With fall right around the corner, it is never too early to start thinking about prepping your home!

Prepping Your Home’s Windows

You should check your home’s windows for problems such as broken glass or locks that can lead to cold drafts. Autumn is the best time to replace window panes or to fix the locks on windows. It is also imperative to add caulking around the windows on the interior and exterior to keep snow or rain from entering your home. In addition, you may want to seal your home’s windows with thick plastic. If you have a basement, then it’s also a good idea to install window well covers to keep out snow and other debris during the winter months.

Protecting a Home’s Water Pipes

As the temperature drops in the winter, you won’t want to have a frozen water pipe that ruptures during a snowstorm. You can protect your home’s exterior water pipes by draining them entirely before wrapping adhesive insulation tape around each pipe. You may also want to wrap insulation tape around the pipes inside your home to prevent freezing.

Inspect the Roof and Rain Gutters

Don’t wait until winter to inspect your home’s roof and rain gutters. If there is roofing damage with missing shingles or waterproof layers, then you need to call a contractor for a professional roofing repair. In addition, you should check your home’s downspouts and gutters so that you can clean debris from the items. With clean gutters and downspouts, you won’t have any moisture dripping down the exterior of your home.

Turn on Your Home’s Furnace

Turn on your home’s furnace in the autumn to verify that it is working optimally. Many people don’t check their furnace to ensure it’s still working as it should until it’s too late. If the device isn’t heating your home, then remember that HVAC specialists can diagnose common furnace problems. Arrange a service call from a professional heating and cooling technician so that you have a fully functional furnace as the temperatures drop in the winter. It’s critical to do this before the cold weather properly sets in due to the fact that many specialists and professionals are incredibly busy during that time of year, so you’ll have to wait longer before being serviced.

Where Can You Buy Home Winterizing Supplies?

When you are ready to winterize your home, make a list of the needed supplies so that you can make one visit to a home improvement store instead of going back time and time again for only one or two things. Before shopping, you should measure your home’s windows so that you will buy the correct size of window film. In addition, it is better to have too much insulation tape for your home’s pipes so that you don’t run out of this item while winterizing the water pipes.

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