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3 Tips for Creating Stellar Home Landscaping

When a yard stands out, it enhances a home’s architectural elements. Siding, shingles, and windows need supporting elements that highlight their paint and textures, and you can only make these features pop by designing an attractive yard. Follow these recommendations to create a stellar yard design that will boost the curb appeal around your property.

Know Your Plants

If you know your plants, you will be better able to create a solid plan for your landscape. The main thing that you must consider is each plant’s growth habits.

Annual plants may be beautiful, but because they have a life cycle that only lasts one year, you will need to replant them in spring. That way, the annual plants will have time to grow and mature in the fall. Annuals are best utilized in short-term landscaping. If you are interested in trying different flowers every year, then annuals are your friend. For inspiration, check out this Top Ten list of low-maintenance annuals from Proven Winners.

On the other hand, perennial plants naturally grow back each spring without having to be replanted. Perennial flowers typically last up to two years, but some other perennials will last longer. This quality makes perennial plants great for long-term landscaping purposes.

Decide on Your Path

Paths are important because they prevent your grass and flowers from being damaged as people come and go from your home. A path could lead to the front door, back door, driveway, pool area, or patio zone. Kelly Concrete Co. recommends having a solid plan for what goes where in your yard before you begin to help you avoid unnecessary issues such as digging up new lawn, shrubs, and flowers to add any new concrete elements. If you have a solid plan that lists all of the potential risks, you won’t have to destroy your yard.

When designing a path, use plants and stones to create attractive borders. Tall, colorful plants provide the best results along the side of a path because their elevated stems keep the flowers away from the border pieces. Long-term plants that grow tall and wide, such as trees, must be considered wisely since they can ruin a landscape after they’re removed. This is why you should only plant trees and shrubs in areas you don’t plan to renovate in the future.

Enhance the Path with Lights

There are various benefits to having lighting in your garden and along your pathways. Not only does good lighting make your yard safer, but it also can make a garden look impressive at night. In order to illuminate a yard after the sun sets, you’ll need to install several lights along paths and around plants. Solar lighting is a popular option for garden and path lights. According to Gardenista, these bulbs make your yard stand out because they generate clear, crisp beams that highlight vibrant, colorful plants in front of a home.

If you pick the proper plants, design a basic blueprint, and use solar lights, you’ll create a stellar yard. Once the work is done, you can enjoy spending time in your beautiful outdoor space.

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